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Tour the historic Glenfiddich House!

Glenfiddich House, also known as Harrison Hall, is a historic house in Leesburg, Virginia built in 1767.  The history of the Glenfiddich House is quite spectacular, just as its grounds are.  The Glenfiddich complex includes the house, the Stables and the Carriage House and is now offered for sale by David and Melanie Miles. 

During the Civil War Harrison Hall became a hospitality center for Confederate officers passing through the area. The most famous Civil War visitor was none other than General Robert E. Lee. The General broke one of his hands and sprained the other when on his horse.  General Lee received treatment at Harrison Hall and that evening he held a war council, planning the confederate invasion of Maryland, which ended with the Battle of Antietam

Annually, the Glenfiddich House is part of the Leesburg Hauntings Tour where guests tour through the historic downtown Leesburg, VA to various “spirited” homes and businesses.  It is said that Colonel E. R. Burt of the 18th Mississippi, was taken to the Glenfiddich House to recover from a gunshot wound, but died four days later.  While Burt has left this earth, many say his spirit is still at the Glenfiddich House.  People who have stayed at the house or who work there have had many run-ins with Burt.  Some say that they’ve seen a dark stain on the carpet in the parlor, where Burt had once laid, and the next morning it had disappeared.

Today, the house contains the best of the old and the new, having been updated and modernized to fit the needs of the Miles LeHane Companies, an executive coaching company.  The property is offered for multiple uses—as a business headquarters and educational/training center, a small hotel, bed and breakfast inn and/or a family home.

For more information on this listing please call (703)777-3370.