Resume Evaluation Guide

If you've ever had to update your resume you know it's not always as easy as it sounds. How can you make sure you're not missing something critical?  Is it formatted correctly?  How can you make sure your resume stands out?


A poorly constructed resume can be the reason you are not considered for a position, regardless of how strong your credentials are. In this e-book, you'll gain an understanding of the key criteria of an effective resume.  

You'll also learn:

  • The different types of resume styles
  • How to format your resume
  • Strategies to make your resume stand out
  • Example statements for your resume
  • Access to the ultimate resume check list
  • Preview of the Building Block Essentials Book

To find out more about how you can optimize your resume, download our free e-book: Resume Evaluation Guide. 


The Resume Evaluation Guide is taken as an excerpt from the "Building Block Essentials" by Dr. David C. Miles.