Introducing Balance Coaching for the High Achiever

The Miles LeHane Companies is pleased to announce that Dr. David Berman, with his Coaching focus on Balance Coaching for the High Achiever, will be added to our service offerings. David Berman and his coaching programs allows us the opportunity to delve deeper into the leader/person, exploring not only the relationship to your work world , but also your relationship to others outside of and including integration into the work environment, family and to yourself. This typically includes personal career and life goals, personal centering, emotional intelligence, as well as health and fitness. It is the continued realization of Miles LeHane consulting, that everything in our world is interconnected. There is truly no separate you from your work, your personal time, and your overall well-being. If any one aspect is out of balance, it will have a potential negative impact on the others. High achievers are typically on a fast paced 24/7 schedule that requires Balance to be successful.

Dr. David Berman has worked for over 25 years as a Plastic Surgeon in Sterling, Virginia. He has gained notoriety for his surgical talents and has had a number of accomplishments and life experiences. He has been a single dad for four sons, an accomplished martial arts practitioner, has participated in numerous marathons (including two full ironman challenges), and is certified in Thai massage and yoga, as well as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

Please visit our website,, to learn more about this exciting new coaching offering. We welcome David and his Coaching Models to our Team!

                          “Yesterday was the birthplace of Today.”
                                                          “Today is the birthplace of Forever!”

                                                                                                   ~ Unknown

Excerpt from... The Cuban Delegation

Monday 11/16/15
Meeting the Ministry of Work and Social Security

By Dr. David Miles

There were three key experiences today: the government, Hemingway, and the real people of Cuba at a Neighborhood street party. It was an educational and experiential day of learning about the country and the people. An important note to remember is that Cuba is both socialistic regarding the economy and communistic regarding the government, at about 95 percent. It is this framework that we need to first understand, before making any judgments.

The first meeting was with the organization called ICAP, which is basically a non-government organization the labor union funded by traditional dues to help the workers ensure they are treated fairly and that all rules, policies, and laws are being followed. Interestingly, the entire manual of labor rules appears to take less than five pages of paper. They operate for the worker, who typically works in a government job that comes under the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Our second visit was with the Director of this government agency. This agency has two main functions: 1) to provide and implement employment, and 2) to ensure the educational universities produce the right balance of graduates which are guaranteed employment. According to their statistics, about four million (of over 11.5 million Cuban population) are in the total workforce. They also claim only 2.4% unemployment. Interesting statistics in a country in which only a third of the population works!

The second half of the day was devoted to Hemingway. I was fortunate that Graham and Sheryl Spanier (President Emeritus at Penn State University) provided me with much guidance on assisting our delegation in how to best see and learn about his illustrious years in Cuba. While you are not permitted to go into the residence, you have the ability to take pictures through open windows and doors around his home. Like many noted creative people, his life ended tragically. Certainly an inspiration, and our guide was very informative.

The return trip to old Havana included visiting the area along the coast a few miles from Hemingway’s home, where he docked his boat “El Pilar”, which served as a source of inspiration for his famous novel The Old Man and the Sea.

After a break at our hotel and a change of clothes, we were off to a “Neighborhood Street Party”. This is an “unorganized” (organized) cultural event for visitors of Cuba to mingle with the people. Music, dancing, limited conversation all had a great time. Cubans are friendly and emotive! Of interest was the fact that I was actually able to visit a family’s private apartment/home. New-sparse-basic shelter in a 6 unit per 3-story complex; all new in 2015.