David & Melanie Miles Help Establish Fellowship Program at Shenandoah University

On June 15, 2017 the McCormick Civil War Institute (CWI) at Shenandoah University announced that with the help of Dr. David and Mrs. Melanie Miles they will be able to offer fellowships to support two Shenandoah University history majors.  For the first time in the program's history, fellows Shelby Shrader and Zachary Thompson will be working closely with the CWI director Jonathan Noyalas to design, research, write, and implement an exhibit in "The Lodge" at the Cold Spring Battlefield.  It is their hope that this new exhibit will create a true visitor center-like experience for those who come to learn of the largest and bloodiest Civil War battle in Clarke County, VA.

David has been involved with Shenandoah University on multiple levels since 2010 including sitting on the Board of Advisors, a guest lecturer, as well as attending the Global Experiential Learning program and other various business symposiums.  In 2014 The Miles LeHane Companies was selected by Shenandoah University’s MBA Marketing Program, "Marketing Theory and Practice," to participate in a semester-long, real-world experience project that required students to study the Miles LeHane Companies and develop a marketing strategy around their research.

Melanie Miles, CEO at Miles LeHane Companies, commented in regards to the fellowship program, "We are glad to be supporting this historical effort, as the past is slipping away from us these days, and history needs to be refreshed and continually researched to keep it relevant, even in the 21st century".


"The Lodge" at the Cold Spring Battlefield

"The Lodge" at the Cold Spring Battlefield


SU CWI Fellows

Left to right:  Zachary Thompson, Jonathan Noyalas, Shelby Shrader