Reflections: The Pendulum Swings Back

The old saying, "what comes around-goes around" is playing itself out one more time as we come upon this election season. While our news media and information systems are different today in 2016, the messages are reflective of the late 1960's and 1970's. While different voices and different content at ground level, the Meta level of "change the status quo" is coming forward loud and clear.

The following are areas that dominated the tumultuous period back then, which set the stage for demonstrations, political upsets, new laws and change in how we view what we believe, should be defining the United States! Here are some thought areas that are key events that sent the pendulum going a different direction:

Kennedy's election and the first TV debates by the two candidates.

College Campus unrest on 3 fronts: a) the Vietnam war b) Drinking and
Voting age and c) Sexual revolution and right of self direction.

Marches on Washington especially focused on draft card burning

Marches on Washington focused on racial equality and freedom and inclusion. MLK assassination and groups such as the Black Panthers.

Marches on Washington about male/female equality and freedom. Burning the Bra.

Fueling these issues we had Rock Music such as Woodstock and Folk music such as Peter Paul and Mary

We had 3 Presidents- each with a different message and agenda and all controversial as to should they be elected (Kennedy- our first Catholic President; Johnson LBJ and the draft lottery; and Nixon leading to impeachment)

The Anti-Establishment young adult youth movement rebellion leading to Kent State and Marshall Law takeover of citizen rights.

Government control and crackdown such as the Government's Un-American Committee and investigations.

Here we are 40 to 50 years later and the pendulum has returned to unrest and major dissatisfaction with many of the issues from before with the addition of a few new ones such as global terrorism. With many of the earlier group still active and still aware, plus the ongoing and growing young adults involvement in voting and political awareness; the movement for radical change of the status quo is now front and center again. The only guarantee is that much will change as it did before.

Dr. David Miles
April 1, 2016