Preparing for The Antarctica Expedition

There are a few things all of us envision happening that’s if everything were to come together and you could wave a magic wand, you could go do it.  A trip to Antarctica has been one of those items that I added to the proverbial bucket list ever since Melanie and I made our first trip to Alaska more than 25 years ago. So here it is January 2019 and it is happening.  My goal is to share this with you as the Journey and Expedition happen in real time.  Thanks for your support, encouragement and interest.  It is part of what makes navigating each day an interesting and learning experience and appreciating the diversity and different perspectives of different cultures.
The pre journey started almost a year ago when George Washington University published their Alumni Travel booklet for 2018/2019.  There it was!  After discussion and research it became apparent that David would need to deal with his health and stamina issues to not only qualify for this style expedition but also to enjoy the adventure.  That meant two key areas of both general health and physical stamina.  Off to the professionals and medical teams for a rebuild of David!  Today I am over 50 pounds less, a 34 inch waist and building muscular strength for hiking with the Penguins on the Glaciers.
Working on this on a daily basis has become a new way of life for a healthier David and I will maintain this going forward. Along with this the planning of the journey required a new wardrobe of appropriate clothes for being on the glaciers and enjoying the open, non civilized areas of Antarctica.  My guess my grandchildren will grow into some of these items that I may not be using much over the next year such as ice polls, ski goggles etc.  Melanie and I had a lot of fun and discussions over what all of this should consist of.  When all fails I learned to listen and know I will not regret the purchases.
Than there was the issue of a traveling companion.  Melanie made it very clear she was NOT interested in joining me on this trip, but did enthusiastically support, fund and organized the entire Journey.  Fortunately we were both able to work on finding a friend that had the same bucket list wish and we are on the Journey as this is being created. I definitely could not have done this without her support and love for making this dream come true.  
For anyone contemplating a similar style Journey or Expedition to Antarctica, I will be glad to answer any of your questions and share my experiences.  There are more choices, decisions and expenses than you can imagine.  In addition there are many configurations to the Journey that will have significant impact on the outcomes your hoped to achieve.  Please feel free to let Melanie and myself hear from you as we have, as always, multiple perspectives!  Thanks and hope you enjoy the sharing and pictures that will be coming.