Miles LeHane Releases New e-Resource!

Discover the Key to Retaining Your Employees

One of the biggest roadblocks CEO's, Talent Managers, and Human Resource Professionals face is not just attracting the best talent, but keeping them. As an organizational leader, it is your job is to bring top talent into your company and integrate them into the work place, retain your best employees, and to keep your organization moving forward. But how do you successfully do that with five different generations currently in the world of work all with different needs, wants, and personalities?

The answer is this - it is imperative to understand and assimilate the Four Pillars of Employable Talent as well as contributive value interviewing in your company practices in order to have a balanced and successful work force. 

Without knowledge of the framework offered by the Four Pillars, seeking to recruit Employable Talent will be like putting a bandage on an 8-inch gash. It will do some good, but it’s insufficient for the long term. Eventually, that injured person might bleed to death.

So what are the Four Pillars? How do they factor into attracting the best candidates and retaining them? How does an organizational leader successfully maximize their work force among the five generations? All of these questions and more are outlined in the new e-resource by Miles LeHane: The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent.

In this new guide, Dr. David Miles addresses many of your burning questions in maximizing your staff as well as your leadership. It all starts with the interview process. Identifying and selecting the best candidate possible - and not just those that look good on paper. A candidate that is well-rounded and meets the right balance of the Four Pillars for your company needs is key. But once you've found the right fit for the position, how do you elevate that employee to their highest potential for the term of their employment? According to Dr. Miles it is imparative to be aware of the strengths and values— as well as the challenges— of each generation in the work force as each brings a different perspective to an organization. An organization needs to understand, respect, and appreciate each generation that contributes to its performance. But that is only scratching the surface! 

The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent is a must read for all CEO's, entrepreneur's, manager's, and HR professionals alike as it offers insight on taking your work force to the next level and helping your employees become employable opposed to simply employedProgressive organizations will embrace this new concept of keeping employees employable to maintain profitability, the health and well-being of their Employable Talent, and effective business practice in the global marketplace. Unless recruiters, CEO’s, and management change their traditional frame of reference regarding employment and understand it in today’s context, they’re going to continually face disconnects with members of the talent pool, less-than-desirable results, and unexplained turnover.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent today!  Want to read the guide on the go? Download the FREE e-Book version here.


The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent