Miles LeHane Website Featured as a HubSpot Design Inspiration

You may have noticed a new look for Miles LeHane lately.  A new logo, graphics, email blasts, and especially a new website. This is the first change since we acquired the company in 1992.  With the eventual sale of The Glenfiddich House / Harrison Hall, it is only appropriate to change our banner.  With a broad array of service offerings we also needed to update and expand our marketing and communications efforts.  With the constant change in clients, customers and HR practitioners, we must have a presence on web searches to be recognized.  Hence we are expanding our blogging and analytics to best understand this new approach of “Inbound Marketing” as compared to traditional “Outbound Marketing”.  Today, we work with HubSpot, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  At the core, we want to be recognized for our knowledge and expertise in our chosen areas of practice.

Each year before their annual conference, HubSpot has a website design showcase that they host online to provide website designers with ideas and inspiration.  This year, the new Miles LeHane site made it into the showcase!  We are excited to share our new website with you and hope you find the content engaging.  Here you will be able to learn about our services, read our blog and other various industry articles, as well as having access to our resource center.   Visit the new, redesigned Miles LeHane website and Blog page for great resources on all of your career needs!

See Miles LeHane in the HubSpot Design Showcase!

HubSpot Design Inspiration - Miles LeHane