December 2017 Holiday Greetings from Miles LeHane

This Season marks our 26th anniversary Christmas greeting and continues our focus on assisting “Individuals and Organizations with Inspirational Transformations”.  Every year we all face both expected and unexpected curves in the journey.  We are honored and pleased that we have had the opportunity to assist many over the past year.  While unfortunately the news is dominated by tragic events and sometimes a hostile environment, we all must aim for the positives and great outcomes for our organizations and ourselves.  Thanks for letting us be part of that journey over the years.  We face 2018 with optimism and hope for civility and peaceful resolution of differences.

Melanie and I have decided to move back into our Wirt St. residence and take a “breather” from selling the properties.  We will re-evaluate all in the spring time.  While there was interest in the real estate, the last few months over removing Confederate statues has had a damaging impact on the market for us.  We both are continuing to grow Miles LeHane Companies and Miles LeHane LLC/ Scott Miles. 

Family status:  Melanie and David have had an active travel year.  Our focus is to add to our travels and enjoy the many locations where we can use our timeshares.  This year we did a family 48/50 anniversary week. It has been 48 years of marriage and 50 years since we met and started dating.  The whole family spent a week in Hilton Head and the six adults and three grandchildren had a great time.  This was a warm up for our 50th wedding anniversary in the summer of 2019.

Scott and Erin have had a change this year in that Brock, who will be 6 in March, now attends full-time kindergarten at Gerstell Academy. Since Brock does not come to Leesburg for school and care, this means Melanie (Nana) has open weekdays (lol). Scott just completed his ICCI Certification and Erin is in active dissertation mode.

Michael and Christine, who still live in New Jersey, are selling their home as it does not accommodate their growing family. Hopefully the sale will close when you receive this letter in December.  Mason, going on 4 and Carli, age 2, are very active.  Mason started Day Care this year and enjoys being with others and continues to grow exponentially.  Of course his little sister needs to mimic all and is a bundle of energy.  Mike continues in Craft Beer sales and Christine as a teacher in Nursing. 

David’s annual commitment to personal development continues. This year was a ten-day trip to Tokyo, Japan, with 14 other Leadership Professionals.  Many are the same people with whom he has travelled to Cuba, India and China.  The focus was on structured sessions with Educators, Corporation Leaders, Political Members, along with a two-day trip into “farm” country and staying in rural farm guest homes.  As usual this was an interesting journey, both educational and culturally.  Look for more information in our upcoming weekly blogs.

The 4th Editions of both David’s books, Four Pillars and Building Blocks, have been completed and are now available.  The first 25 people to contact Melanie at, will be given a complimentary set.

Have a great Holiday season.  Do not forget to disconnect from work and enjoy those friends, family and acquaintances who are important to you.  Please mark your calendar for our Annual Career Seminar on December 19, 2017. It is open to all friends and clients, including current and past program participants.


The entire Miles Family wish you a safe and fulfilling journey!

Dr. David C. Miles                                  Melanie A. Miles

Chairman                                              CEO



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