Evolutionary Change @ Miles LeHane

Over the last 24 years we have as a company both led in various approaches to Consulting as well as responding to market needs for our services.  2016 marks a key shift in responding to change with the effort underway to sell the Glenfiddich and adjoining properties.  The overwhelming driver to this decision has been the changes in customer/client requests for our services.  In the 1990s and up to the early 2000s, we had, by request opened offices in 4 surrounding locations as well as having approximately 50 In-Residence clients a year, along with hosting 15 or so organization off site meetings.  The in-residence Experience was valued and met the participant's needs.  Today, we have less than 5 In-Residence clients over the last two years, and earlier we closed our 4 remote offices from lack of client demand and utilization.  

What has evolved is the ongoing growth of our Concierge Services.  More specifically, we travel to the client participant's location for consulting.  This service has mirrored the early in-residence approach, just at the client location and still offering our complimentary Spousal/Significant other program. Continuing with the tradition of one on one senior services, this successful new approach caused us to challenge our cost effectiveness and to maintain a reasonable balance for all.  So after 24 years at the Glennfiddich, we decided it was time for a change.

Our plans are as follows.  First and foremost we are fully engaged in our business and are not "retiring" from work.  Please keep us as an active organization willing to support and serve your consulting needs.  What will change is our office address when the time comes.  Our plans are to have an office facility in the Loudoun-Leesburg area.  In addition Melanie and I will be building a new personal residence in the immediate area.  Yes, it will include a collector car garage as well.  As interim and final plans move forward we will keep you posted of all the activities.  Your ongoing support is greatly valued and your confidence in our team is a trust we will never violate.


Annual Career Seminar Scheduled

Each year we at Miles LeHane offer a complimentary Career Seminar for Friends, Family of Friends and Client Organizations.  While 2016 will be an active year of change, our program is set for Tuesday, December 20, 2016 from 9:30 until 3:30 at The Glenfiddich House, 205 N. King St., Leesburg, VA, 20176.  Please mark this on your calendar.  We will send additional information as we get closer to the date.  The program is open to High School students/graduates up through the first 10 years of a career. With the Holidays falling on a weekend, we checked on a number of dates, and found that this date is a best compromise between School/College semester breaks, and vacation travel plans. 


New Logo and New Marketing

You will notice on this newsletter our new Logo and Graphics.  This is the first change since we acquired the company in 1992.  With the eventual sale of The Glenfiddich House / Harrison Hall, it is only appropriate to change our banner.  Starting in 2002, we broadened our focus significantly around the concept of Total Talent Management, or as we have branded it: The Four Pillars of Employable Talent.  This approach to a broader concept of Talent, based on research, has enhanced our service offerings into five key areas: 1= Strategic Management Coaching/Consulting, 2= Executive Coaching, 3= Career Management, 4=Search and Recruitment, and 5= Human Resources Products & Services.  With this broad array of service offerings we also needed to update and expand our marketing and communications efforts.  Today, we work with HubSpot, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  At the core, we want to be recognized for our knowledge and expertise in our chosen areas of practice.  With the constant change in clients, customers and HR practitioners, we must have a presence on web searches to be recognized.  Hence we are expanding our blogging and analytics to best understand this new approach of “Inbound Marketing” as compared to traditional “Outbound Marketing”.  As this evolves Laura Gable will be leading this effort for us under the direction of Scott Miles and his company.




Visit the new, redesigned Miles LeHane website and Blog page for great resources on all of your career needs! 

Miles LeHane Blog



 Of Interest

Melanie has received her Recertification of CTA (Certified Tourism Ambassador/Journey Through Hollowed Ground).

David continues to present to various groups: VA State Society for Human Resource Management on Cuba:  Opening Markets and Global HR, Chamber presentation on Millennials as the New Leaders, in addition he presented to Rotary on his Journey to Cuba as well as participating in Student Leadership Development at Penn State School of Hospitality.

Scott continues to challenge his physical stamina in participating in GORUCK a high endurance 11.5 hour/19.43 mile long program, finishing with a group of his friends and earning the coveted patch.

As a consulting firm we are implementing more and more programs on assisting Millennials who are now emerging into the leadership roles in organizations.  Of interest according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are 10,000 people retiring everyday of the week; resulting in the fact that by 2020 Millennials will be approximately 50% of the work force.


Happy Fall!

David & Melanie Miles