The Changing Roles of Human Resources 

by Dr. David C. Miles

Today I attended a Panel presentation of HR leaders in the Washington area which was hosted by the Washington Business Journal and sponsored by American Express Travel.  The focus of the panel was on the immediate future of HR and the ongoing changes in expectations.  The predominant theme of change was how HR is rapidly moving from a “Rules and Tools” to a fully active Business Partner.  The focus today is on talent;  from sourcing new talent to growing internal talent to the next level- to retaining talent.


Two key statistics were cited:

  • 10,000 people are retiring every day from the workforce.  A significant talent drain. 
  • Also that the “contingent workforce-contract, consultants, project based, and part time” has gone from less than 5% of the workforce in 2010 to now 25% of the workforce for 2016 and is expected by 2025 to be 50% of the work force. 

All of these statistics do and will have a dramatic impact on business, housing, transportation, business travel and office space.  Human Resources will be tasked with creating a Culture of Excellence without the traditional office environment and direct interaction with work teams.  The challenges are many.

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Changing Role of HR

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