University of Delaware/ Hospitality School
April 30, 2015

Sharing my experience while supporting college students looking forward to joining the global work force.

I had the opportunity to present to various student groups at the University of Delaware, School of Hospitality Management. My focus, of course, was on the subject of Your Personal Career Journey. The time I spent with the students and the faculty was extremely uplifting and refreshing. I left with a positive impression that there is a "new" team of future leaders looking forward to take their turn in the world of business.

First I would like to positively comment on the faculty and the administration of the School. In simple terms, they run the school like a professional organization even though their "customers" are there to learn. The diversity of opportunities to focus on course learning gives the student an opportunity to work in a space that matches their learning styles. I observed students who were highly enthusiastic about the various subjects and how they were exploring and learning. Hats off to all that have created and continue to create a learning environment for the students, versus just a classroom activity.

During the day I interacted with students in various settings from a lunch discussion to a round table forum. The students included undergraduates as well as Master level students. While the student's areas of interest and cultural backgrounds were diverse, each student was well versed in presenting themselves as a professional. It is unusual to see this on many college campuses. I am convinced that when these students enter the work force they will know how to be both casual and professional when the situation calls for it.

When you travel around the globe, and visit the many service providers that support you on a business or pleasure trip; it is pleasing to know there is a next generation ready to move into the world of hospitality work. My hats off to the University, the faculty and administration, as well as the students who are learning to become professional service providers.

It was a pleasure to share with them my experiences, my journey and some thoughts on how to maximize their next 40 plus years in our global economy.