2018 Holiday Greetings from Miles LeHane

27 Christmases and we are continuing to navigate the journey. While the journey evolves, each Holiday season is a great time to look back on the year(s), focus on the present, and plan the journey forward into 2019 and beyond.  Without a doubt the New Year will evolve and influence our practice to respond to our client and participant needs.  Melanie and I want to THANK all of you for being part of our journey, both personally and professionally.  As clients, participants, staff, friends, family, and as consultants and vendors, we really do appreciate the support and trust that we all share.  When navigating the Journey we know we can count on each of you for support and friendship.  This makes thinking about 2019 an optimistic endeavor and one we are looking forward to. Thank You!

Our Holiday letter continues the tradition of sharing “what is going on” with our family and the business.  Both of us, along with Scott are looking forward to a busy and active new year.  While the mix of client assignments continues to evolve amongst our 5 practice areas (career transition, executive coaching, managed search, strategic HR consulting, and Human Resource services and products), our team has responded to providing solid support to all.  While a few have retired from consulting we have been fortunate to add new talent to our team.  We believe that with the ongoing globalization and evolution taking place in multiple professional areas, the New Year will bring different challenges requiring critical thinking and evolutionary solutions.

Update on Scott, Erin and Brock: Brock in private school is now in the first grade. He rides a school bus on a regular basis and is thriving in this small class environment. He has inherited the love of learning from his Mom and his people skills from his Dad. Erin is nearing the submission of her Dissertation hopefully by the time the New Year arrives and expects to graduate this spring with her Doctorate in Education. We are looking forward to this occasion as a culmination of an 8 year journey.

Mike, Christine, Masen (<5 years old) and Carli (3 years old) are all doing well.  The family is anxiously waiting to close on their new residence near where they currently live.  This journey has taken almost 11 months to find the “perfect” home and school system.  Christine continues her teaching in Nursing at the high school level and the community college level, which prepares entry level nursing support staff who hopefully will go on to become a registered nurse.  Mike enjoys his career in sales for Weyerbacher Craft Brewery and continues to be a leader in the market.  Masen is in pre K 3 days a week and doing great while Carli is looking forward to next year when she can go to school!

Budapest River ViewWith the recent announcement of Northern Virginia as a location for part of Amazon’s new HQ, we believe the opportunity for the sale of the property  will have a positive outcome for us.  While we are not anxious to sell, it will provide us both with a little more freedom to travel.  If you are on Facebook you may be aware that this year my annual developmental journey brought me and the merry band of HR executives, to Hungary and the Czech Republic.  It was a stimulating and exceptional week. Thanks to the team here to allow me the time to do this annual travel.  January 2019 includes an Expedition to Antarctica—Melanie has chosen not to go on this trip so I owe her trip to warm Hawaii in May (already booked).

Have a great Holiday season.  Take time to be with those that are important to you. Be sure to mark your calendar for our annual complimentary Annual Career Seminar on December 18th.

The entire Miles LeHane Family wishes you a safe and healthy journey.             

Dr. David C. Miles, Chairman                                     

Melanie A. Miles, CEO 

Scott D. Miles, Managing Partner


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