Future of Work: OIGP Global Research Study 2018

OI Global Partners has released the results of a proprietary survey of global leaders from the 28 countries in which OIGP operates. Talent managers representing over 1,000 organizations — more than double last year’s response rate — were from a range of industries led by Financial Services and Technology followed by Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Hospitals & Healthcare, and Education.

The goals of the survey were to understand the following:

  1. the skills employees must have to be competitive today;
  2. the most significant people challenges currently facing organizations;
  3. the most effective ways to develop talent; and
  4. the roles most at risk.

Among the key findings of the survey, respondents indicated that the top two skills employees must have to be competitive are: 1) leadership agility: the ability to take effective action in complex, rapidly-changing conditions; and 2) coordinating with others: the ability to collaborate, especially in changing environments. By comparison, in 2017, communication ability topped the list of skills most in demand.

Recruitment is the most critical concern of talent managers today with most of them saying that attracting and hiring new talent is their biggest challenge. “OIGP’s recruitment and staffing sectors reflect high demand in most of our markets,” noted Mr. Ford, “consistent with these survey results.”

Half of talent managers say that adapting to change significantly challenges their organizations, making it the second most frequently indicated human resources issue after recruitment, followed by managers lacking coaching skills. Once on board, retaining and engaging employees become paramount.

The survey results are a composite of our clients’ firsthand knowledge and insights. They are facing many significant challenges and risks; yet, they are implementing solutions that are effective in managing a changing work landscape. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with them in developing and implementing these solutions.

If you’re facing any of the issues identified in this survey, please contact us. We would love to learn more about the issues you’re experiencing.


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