Do you Manage by Leading or Lead by Managing?

If you've ever had to manage day-to-day tasks and short-term initiatives, you know leading by managing is not nearly as strategically effective as managing through leadership of long-term efforts. But which do you do currently, and how do you make significant changes that ensure you're always leading in the right way?

To become a leader that leads not through micromanagement, but true leadership, you must establish the value of critical thinking within your organization. In this e-book, you'll gain an understanding of the key principles involved in becoming a Critical Thinking Organization.

You'll also learn:

  • How to encourage employees to be part of future solutions
  • Why critical thinking is paramount to leadership and organizational success
  • Which teams or departments can influence critical thinking
  • The value of challenging paradigms and assumptions

To find out more about how your organization can thrive through quality leadership, download our free e-book: Do You Manage by Leading or Lead by Managing? A case for Critical Thinking.