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Career Transition & Outplacement


Our proactive approach establishes effective working relationships with all stakeholders in the career transition process, including executives, senior management, HR leaders, and line managers/supervisors. We begin with pre-termination consulting to gain an understanding of business rationale, organizational protocols, expected outcomes and the effects of the process on the organization.

Career Transition Guidebook

Onsite notification support includes recommendations for handling the notification and communication processes, advice on the handling of behavioral issues and debriefing meetings with management / staff following completion of the separation activities. Following notification, we immediately begin same day/next day follow-up with affected employees to ‘check in,’ clarify next steps and set appointments to begin the transition process. Our focus is on positive steps to move them forward. We offer a variety of program options that are designed to meet a wide range of organizational and individual needs. What sets us apart among all other career transition firms is our Concierge Executive Career Transition program, the Executive Experience allowing for personal, private reflection and counseling time. Based upon employee level, service length and other situational factors, we offer program options from group, one month, to one year. Our programs are results-driven, and success is defined as helping the employee toward meeting his or her career journey, not just finding the ‘next job.’

The Executive Experience

The Miles LeHane Executive Career Transition programs involve time-tested, proven plans for accepting employment interruption and effectively transitioning to new career opportunities. We are the pioneers of Spousal/Partner and Family inclusion in transition.

Service Guarantee: If for any reason the executive’s new position is unsatisfactory we will reinstitute services for the length of the contracted program.

  • Our concierge approach provides multiple options for immersion or a traditional program conducted in a confidential environment involving one-on-one professional counseling, with follow-up support until the candidate has re-entered the professional workforce as long as the candidate remains in full-time search
  • Enhanced assessment of management style, career options, and position/ person fit.
  • Creation of personal marketing materials for an effective re-employment campaign, including professionally prepared resumes and business cards.
  • Design of personalized job search marketing strategy.
  • A career transition program manual to assist with the challenges of transition.
  • Enhanced digitally recorded interviewing practice and interview management.
  • Enhanced computer-assisted research of potential employers (24/7 access).
  • A spousal/family program offering personal counseling for the executive’s partner/family and creating a strong support team for the campaign.
  • Executive portfolio consisting of a web-based resume, biographic narrative, and key marketing skill sets.
  • Service Guarantee Period: Equal to program length.

Components of Individual Career Transition:

  • Adjusting to the job loss
  • Exploring and defining personal interests, skills and abilities
  • Preparing effective marketing materials
  • Identifying and managing a personal network
  • Handling interviews effectively
  • Managing a search campaign
  • Negotiating strategies for salary and compensation
  • Thriving in the new position
  • 24/7 access to our online resource center

Components of Group Career Transition:

  • Special attention to the needs of the group in dealing with change and helping employees prepare for a career shift
  • Facilitation of group member concerns
  • Development of personal profiles including values, strengths, skills and career/life interests
  • Assistance with the creation of resume, cover letters and completion of job applications
  • Training in how to approach the “hidden” job market and how to develop a personal network
  • Coaching for interviews, salary negotiations and job acceptance
  • Tailored group outplacement programs to fit your organization
  • 24/7 access to our online resource center






OI Solutions Career Portal 

OI Solutions is a web-based career transition and talent management tool. When combined with our one-to-one consultation, it creates a powerfully effective experience for the participant.

This user-friendly, multi-media, web-based global platform has been designed to provide increased resources for job-seekers and those interested in entrepreneurial opportunities.

OI Solutions is your all-access pass to an extensive collection of career tools & e-learning resources. Take career assessments, build your resume, prepare for an interview, get expert video advice, or run a job search on the go. 

OI Solutions Career Portal





 The Changing World of Work

As a Nation we are currently undergoing a redefinition of the World of Work and what employment looks like.  Before 2010 the traditional work force was estimated at 5% contingency and 95% full time employment. By 2015 the contingency work group exceeded 15% and is expected to be over 20% by the year 2020.  Beyond that some expect there to be a balance of 50/50 percent by 2025.  While some hail this as a problem, others believe this to be a positive shift.  Change and perspective on employment opportunities will require new ways of managing career and life balance along with your personal career strategy.  Part of this is driven by the fact that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics approximately 10,000 workers are retiring every day creating opportunities for change in organizational structure and roles.

With this accelerated rate of change, driven by multiple factors, your career strategic plan must accommodate a variety of options.  As a candidate you must be well versed in the various techniques and options you must utilize while searching for your next opportunity in this new environment. We at Miles LeHane include coaching you in the various employment arrangements and can assist you in preparing your resume/personal marketing and support materials to “contributed value interviewing” and framing your “unique value contributions” to managing the compensation strategy.  As the World of Work redefines itself, so you must redefine your approach to your next opportunity.






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Career Transition & Outplacement 101 GuideDownsizing, layoffs, mergers, reorganization, restructuring, right-sizing... whatever the name, whatever the reason, the loss of a job is a painful, emotional, and often a devastating experience. Whether you are a company executive looking to implement Outplacement services or the employee loosing your job, Career Transition and Outplacement can be difficult to navigate.  

In this e-book you will learn:

-  What Career Transition and Outplacement services are.
 How Outplacement services fit into a severance package.
-  The benefits of Outplacement services for both the Employer and the Employee. 
-  The services an Outplacement firm can offer.
-  What to look for when seeking outplacement services.
 Key questions to ask when going through a organizational restructure or career transition.
-  The steps to take after a layoff to get into a new position that is the best fit for you and as quickly as possible.
-  How a career coach can help you to navigate the modern day job market to secure a new position successfully.

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