Focusing on Today’s Realities in Business Through the Lens of Human Resource Change

A compilation of what is going on in real time! Technology versus Meaning and Purpose.

Operating a for profit, and many non for profit, businesses in today’s environment are dramatically different than just a few years ago. Corporate resources are being spent differently today than in the past. But in the end, it still comes down to people and financial performance. In our Practice we are at the forefront of change, talent and yes even understanding the business models of success. Without all coming together in a three-point landing of 1-people, 2- finances, and 3-satisfied customers, the organization/company will not succeed for very long. The marketplace changes with more agility than most firms can respond to. My goal is to share some of the issues at the forefront of change where leadership needs to focus attention to keep and maintain a three-point landing from an HR perspective.

HR Technology 

Sometime around mid-year the statisticians have estimated that the workforce makeup will cross the 50-50 mark of Millennials and Generation Z (I-Gens) versus Generations X and Boomers plus. Technology is now native to at least half the working population! The workforce and the legal compliance issues have forced companies to move to a 5th stage of HR/Workforce technology. Deemed by many as the non- humanistic -human resource.

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The 5 stages are :

1). Pre 1970s was manual records with time-clocks and the infamous personnel folders. “We all had one in school or at work.”

2). Electronic systems for record keeping, payroll processing and minimal analytic inquiry reports were all new arrivals for the 70s through 2000. Main frame to desk top computers enabled this transition. “A lot of stored data.”

3). Talent Management and Information with employee interactive features. This era was the true foundation for the beginnings of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many features we see today. "Converting data into information.”

4). The launch of different ways of delivering services from Training and Information to updating your personal information to include tracking talent accomplishments. A hallmark of this was known as an Engagement with others to know you as an individual and allow accommodations to interact with larger companies. The true beginning of an automated Talent Acquisition (TA) software. “Transforming information into business needs on workforce issues.”

5). The  Intelligent HR Systems that handle multiple functions from avatar recorded interviews to on demand knowledge segments, to full benefit management. All of these changes can be and are daunting for those who are not tech savvy and in itself can create barriers. This stage will continue to evolve over the next 5 years and will become more accessible to smaller companies and businesses.

Meaning and Purpose

Purpose is now the focus of attention in many discussions around retention and creating a cohesive workforce. In one sense it is paradoxical that the same people demanding an HR functional technology system are also looking to HR to help create a culture with purpose and meaning for individuals as well as overall. Is this paradox good or bad? While we could look at both sides, I think it was inevitable. While HR was focusing on systems, automation, legal compliance and many other factors such as benefits and cost analysis, they have in many cases taken their core value of “Taking Care of People” off the center stage. People still are people with emotions and feelings and subjectivity as well as objectivity. HR has been and should be leading that role into Leadership, Corporate Culture and down through Policies and Procedures. They need to establish reasonable boundaries and keep teams informed of where the company is and the needs for the workforce to serve the customer.

In summary, AI can relieve many functions that are resource consuming. They allow flexibility and fairness but require communicating the how and why to everyone within the business. At the same time focusing on Meaning and Purpose of the business is important and needs to be communicated clearly to all. Many leaders find this difficult to communicate but know the answers to the question of what is the purpose of what you hope to achieve. For example at Miles LeHane we have consistently stated our Mission and Purpose is Facilitating Inspirational Transformation for Individuals and Organizations. This new decade will continue to evolve in the expectations of what businesses are looked upon for not just outcomes but process!  Welcome to 2020 Leadership and the New Roaring 20s.

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