What will Holiday travel look like this year?

by Dr. David Miles

At best, it may be nerve-racking, difficult, frustrating, and tedious. At worst, it could be downright ugly depending on where you are going and which mode of transportation you choose. If you expect “ugly” and plan for “ugly” and you will get through it.

Personally, I will fly round trip from Phoenix to Washington DC. But the joy of being with family is worth it to me and this thought will and must remain the center focus.

How can you kill time at the airport without spending a ton of money?

Maximize any credit card or airline loyalty programs that may get you entry to one of the airport lounges for stays of an extra hour or more. Hotel lobbies and amenities may be available on a day rate and it is a good way to have family needs satisfied.

Again, check your hotel loyalty benefits.

What are the best three strategies for reducing stress while traveling for the holidays?

  1. Make realistic plans as well as backup plans. You have options when you can think and gain agreement to alternatives when it’s done in a relaxed environment.
  2. Travel at non-peak times within a reasonable schedule of your needed arrivals. I am traveling Tuesday and Saturday.
  3. Stay cool, calm and even headed so you can make better decisions. Do not let stress get to you. Minimize alcohol and sedatives and just accept that there will be issues.

If you have a multi-hour or multi-day layover, what would you prioritize seeing or doing?

Hotel concierge/Bell Captain/Front Desk all know the area best. You are their customer and these are the most frequently asked questions at many properties.

Be prepared to spend reasonable dollars on ride share and attractions. Remember it is a Holiday.

Also do not forget to cancel reservations you will not be able to keep. Stay open to cancelling the entire trip and rebooking maybe the following week or two.