Spring 2019 Newsletter Vol. 22, No. 1

Antarctica- A Reflective Perspective

I recently (January 25th thru February 8th, 2019) had the opportunity to fulfill a bucket list expedition to Antarctica. Not sure what I was to expect or any specific goals to accomplish, set the framework for being open to learn from the multiple guides, staff and interpreters. This allowed me to search for meaning that is important to stay in balance professionally and personally, and yes, even revisiting some long held fundamental beliefs.I am sure as the weeks, months and even years move forward, I will continue to remember this expedition. The Yacht- L.’Austral- a French ship with a capacity of approximately 180 passengers and a crew of 90 plus is operated by Ponant. The entire focus is to “experience” Antarctica and its natural beauty. The rules were simple- we come- we visit- we experience, but do no harm to land, ice, water or wildlife. “Preserve it for those who come after you”.

What Antarctica will mean to me is a benchmark comparison of how complicated we have made our day to day lives. The cycle of life and everyday happens simply by nature. Antarctica has no imposed human rules, must do, and can nots. Yes there are the cruel realities of natural life and death in nature,  but what is amazing is between the two absolutes.

Some examples are:2471

1)The cycle of the food chain.

2)Penguins having offspring and nurturing

3)The whales

4)The seals

5)Multiple other birds

The interaction of weather and the adaptability of all to survive is without our intervention. The laws of nature are not forgiving here in Antarctica. Yet in its own right it flourishes. Penguins are no longer considered endangered species.

I will forever stay open to the concept that maybe we, no matter our politics or personal opinions, probably are not always in balance with nature and the environment, and do not have the best solutions. Antarctica remains one of those places our best efforts have, NOT altered the natural beauty and balance.

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A New Coaching Service for Growth: Leading Forward with Employable Talent

Throughout the US and in other countries, there are significant numbers of current organizational leaders retiring. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) published by the Federal Government, stated that for the next 5-10 years there will be 10,000 people retiring on average everyday! The primary group filling the Leadership and Senior Management positions created by their retiring, will be Millennials. This coaching goal is to assist businesses and organizations in better preparing this next group for a successful outcome.

With this as the premise, the coaching approach and modular design will allow for a prescriptive agenda that is customized to the organization’s culture and business model. The participant’s key areas for growth are to enable success and to include industry transformation/ disruptors from a strategic point of view. The framework of development will loosely track against an overview of a ”Balanced Scorecard” model: a) Internal Operations b) External Stakeholders and Customers c) People/ Human Resources d) Organizational Citizenship and the Environment.

We look forward to working with you to assist in the Succession Planning and Developmental Growth of your key members to take on more advanced leadership roles. Please contact us for further information.

Our Outlook for 2019

Shorter cycles, enhanced adaptability open to new variations of customer demands are all at the heart of this last year of this decade. Taking calculated risk and remaining agile to new and different is a fundamental underpinning. Yet, even when there are what appears clear indications of new or modified directions, it is difficult to implement change. We can assist in this support to the team. Hopefully the attached diagram will serve as an analytical model for change.  “Transformational Change Model”.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.42.48 AM