Holiday Greetings 2020

With 2020 being a year of tumultuous changes for many, our focus is on finding meaning and personal joy in these Holiday times. There is no doubt that we are all in one stage or another of change. Yet at the core of the Holidays the focus is on giving thanks and looking forward to family, friends and celebrations about the reason for the season.

The concepts of predictability and certainty, two very important foundational criteria of our overall well-being has been shaken and dismantled more than we could have predicted. Yet we all are asked to focus and lead ourselves, family, friends, businesses and organizations through these times when very little is certain. The challenges are great, yet the tools are minimal in providing guidance. It is exactly at times like this we must trust our intellect as well as our instincts and move forward one day at a time. Some call this taking action, be prepared to fail quickly, and get up and try again but in a slightly different direction. I can hope that we all will come out of these critical times, different but more agile and hopefully create a transformation that allows each of us to thrive. We truly are in a period of undocumented journeys without a solid vision of what a “new normal” will look like. Trust yourself, your family and friends, spiritual beliefs, and others who you know. The answers are within and not in a text book. Do not hesitate to talk with professionals during this stressful time.

The Miles family is doing well and thriving, yet adapting and focusing on what is truly important, which is our family and our overall well-being. While many challenges exist, talking through them and working out solutions are the underlying principles to our approach. We too have relied on trusted personal and professional advisers as we plan our transformation approaches to each vital area of day to day living. Challenging yes, defeating, no!

Please remember to focus on the meaning of the season and take the time to just reach out. Loneliness in these times of challenge and fear, is the worst enemy for all. Take time to celebrate the little things as well as the big things. Reach out to others and let them know you really do care. Put the politics, the issues that cause you concern to the side and take care of yourself. We all need a break from this stressful year; your resilience will expand and coping will become a little easier. 

So from us to you and yours, have a great holiday season, give thanks for what we have and let go of what we cannot control. Navigate with boldness and wisdom, seek input from others and face the challenges courageously. 2021 is right around the corner and we can look forward with hope/optimism that we are ready for another year of charting the new next! 


At Miles LeHane we have adapted to the new realities of HR Consulting. As a reminder we have moved to 206 Wirt St. NW, Leesburg, VA 20176 for our offices. Working either through e-communications or our Concierge one-on-one support services approach, we continue to deliver focused support tailored to each individual and their needs. When appropriate, we will meet with clients at their respective locations. Our revised approach helps to insure full services without restrictions on travel and safety. The Miles LeHane Companies are here to help support you in 2021.


Make this a Great Day for Yourself.         Deep breath and SMILE.         Take time to Smell the Pine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Jingle all the way.         Believe in me, believe in you, and just believe.         Wish upon a Star.

Christmas is Love in Action.


Dr. David C. Miles, Chairman 

Melanie A. Miles, CEO

Scott D. Miles, Managing Partner