Merry Christmas 2022

2022 will viewed as the year of transformation for us. With much positive input from our advisors, we are taking the time to enjoy more with travel and with family and friends. Still engaged with selective clients, this new journey is one we have looked forward to with some apprehension. Now there, we are ready to celebrate the Holiday Season with a new level of energy and enthusiasm. As we have always said, transitions are not easy, but if well planned they are rewarding! We all hope you had a rewarding 2022.

We all have had many transformations to face and tackle during the difficult and tumultuous times following Covid and now the economy and inflation. As predicted the new norm has yet to materialize but is rapidly gaining form. Being agile and flexible and thinking clearly, not just emotionally, we all can be in a new space that will serve us well. Remember “meaning” is self-directed and only you can label the outcomes. Think about your goals and be realistic as to what will be “good” for you and yours.

Transformation and meaning, are the operative words for 2023. We have cautiously looked at our immediate future and realize that more than ever, many areas are less predictable and not within our purview to control. Accepting and charting our path to provide what is important and where we will spend our efforts has brought us to a very new but very comfortable place. With Scott leading his company and David and Melanie focusing on travel, health and limited consulting, we look forward to a great 2023. Our new home, only 30 minutes away from Leesburg, is exactly perfect for us. We are secure for this next segment of the journey.

This Holiday Season is a reminder again, that we all need to focus on showing a little more empathy and care and concern for others. Not just those that are less Fortunate but for everyone. Kindness, a smile, being polite such as holding doors open are all part of it. Some of these skills unfortunately have become a little rusty over the last few years. Many have not even learned to function again in an open society as they were secluded during the Covid years and missed this transition into a social environment. We all have a lot of catching up to do in being kind to others and not have all the focus on ourselves. Take this Holiday Season to truly and sincerely wish all a better and healthy 2023.

With these thoughts, we wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This will conclude our series of 31 Christmas letters. 


All the Best,

David, Melanie, & Scott