Merry Christmas 2021

by Dr. David Miles

2021 will be looked upon as the year many of us “Emerged” from our strongly urged to stay home mandates and practice social distancing and even reduce or eliminate family gatherings during the 2020 Holiday Season. This year, depending on our personal choices, we are slowly emerging to see a somewhat different world. Emergence, by definition, is typically a step by step process to determine what may be safe and ok, just like slowly testing the new ice on a frozen pond before running out to the middle from shore.
As each of us start and/or continue our 2021 Holiday Season emergence, do not lose sight of the reason for the season. Personally, we are all safe and healthy and wish the same for each of you. 2022 may provide more definitive guidance on what the new emergent world of work and life balance and integration will look like for each of us. So, the journey continues with the positive spirit of the Holidays and our best wishes to all.

The concepts of predictability and certainty, two very important foundational criteria of our overall well-being has been shaken and dismantled more than we could have predicted. Yet we all are asked to focus and lead ourselves, family, friends, businesses and organizations through these times when very little is certain. The challenges are great, yet the tools are minimal in providing guidance. It is exactly at times like this we must trust our intellect as well as our instincts and move forward one day at a time. Some call this taking action, be prepared to fail quickly, and get up and try again but in a slightly different direction. I can hope that we all will come out of these critical times, different but more agile and hopefully create a transformation that allows each of us to thrive. We truly are in a period of undocumented journeys without a solid vision of what a “new normal” will look like. Trust yourself, your family and friends, spiritual beliefs, and others who you know. The answers are within and not in a text book. Do not hesitate to talk with professionals during this stressful time.

But with all that has and will change, at the foundation is what we value. People taking care of people. Paying it forward is one of the best phrases to emerge. It not only embodies the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year spirit of Hope, but encompasses a daily reaching out to all. At the core of a flourishing society, and an environment that many would choose to live in, we must create one that can provide food, health, safety and education with viable work opportunities to create a world we are proud of. Each of us and each generation may have slightly different paths to this goal. Most importantly we each must make a contribution to help pay it forward.

With these thoughts, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from David, Melanie, Scott and the entire team of support staff and consultants from Miles LeHane. Looking forward to 2022 for
new inspirational opportunities.