Glenfiddich House to be in the Leesburg Hauntings Tour

Glenfiddich_haunted.jpgIn 1991the Loudoun Museum started an Annual Hauntings Walking Tour that take guests through the historic downtown Leesburg, VA to various “spirited” homes and businesses chosen for the year’s event. Yet again, the Glennfiddich House is a stop on the tour!

The Glenfiddich House, located on North King Street in Downtown Leesburg, is said to be haunted by Col. Erasmus Burt, of the Mississippi Regiment in the Confederate States Army.  At the Battle of Balls Bluff, Col. Burt was shot through his hip by a bullet which entered his stomach.  He was taken to the Glenfiddich House to recover, but died four days later.  While Burt has left this earth many say his spirit is still at the Glenfiddich House.  People who have stayed at the house or who work there have had many run-ins with Burt.  Some say that they’ve seen a dark stain on the carpet in the parlor, where Burt had once laid, and the next morning it had disappeared.

Come see another side of the Glenfiddich House and say hello to Col. Burt! Due to popular demand, two weekends of Hauntings Tours will be offered this year. Join us for a different hauntings experience each weekend. These 90 minute walking tours will take guests through historic downtown Leesburg, VA to various “spirited” locations. The tours leave from the Leesburg Town Hall every 20 minutes between 6:00 and 9:00PM on October 18, 19, 25, & 26. You’ll be led to historic homes & businesses in Leesburg where historically costumed storytellers will relate the history and the ghostly tales of each site. Please visit for more information.


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