Job Search Mistakes & Effective Tactics


These are some main reasons people don't get the jobs they want. 

  • Expressing anger or disappointment with previous employer
  • Failing to ask for the job at end of the interview
  • Failing to apply again to an employer they have contacted or interviewed with before
  • Not inquiring into what the next step is
  • Not asking enough or the right questions
  • Not being able to personally connect with the interviewer
  • Lacking humor, warmth, or personality during interviewing process
  • Appearing over- or under-qualified for the job
  • Failing to set themselves apart from others
  • Not showing enough interest and excitement
  • Not researching a potential employer/interviewer
  • Focusing too much on what they want and too little on what the interviewer is saying
  • Not following up correctly or frequently or aggressively enough
  • Feeling they can "wing" the interview without preparation
  • Not successfully transferring past experience to the opportunity
  • Over-explaining what happened in previous job



These are the most effective tactics people are using to land the jobs they want.

  • Explore contract work and freelance arrangements
  • Customize all communications to fit each prospective employer
  • Target jobs for which they have at least 75% of stated qualifications.
  • Volunteer at hospitals, churches and other nonprofit groups
  • Volunteer to serve as a pro bono resource for nonprofit groups
  • Have as many face-to-face informational meetings as they can
  • Join groups of other out-of-work people for meetings and get-togethers
  • Learn how to transfer their capabilities to match desired job opportunity
  • Attend trade shows and professional association meetings
  • Be flexible, nimble and ready to react at a moment's notice
  • Remain open to new and different job-search strategies
  • Develop comprehensive social media profile with searchable key words
  • Regularly update their employment status on social media.


A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.

 ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower


Source:  Unknown

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