Holiday Greetings 2019 from Miles LeHane:

The End of the 2nd Decade of the Millennium!

As we speed towards the Holidays we want to wish each of you a very special Thank You for your friendship, support and trust you have demonstrated to all of us. We value our relationships and hope to extend this into the third decade. It is hard to believe all that has transpired in the last year. Fortunately, we are able to look towards 2020 and assist in enabling Inspirational Transformations for each client we serve.

This Christmas letter will take a slightly different approach than in the past. Melanie and David along with the rest of the family are all doing well. The grand children are growing and life is moving forward. For this we are very thankful and look forward to the Holiday Season. 

What we see moving forward is an acceleration of the last 5 years of change. For many individuals and organizations, the speed of change and disruption in various market segments will move into an accelerated mode. These changes are driven by many factors which include many times a re-definition of prescribed outcomes. A re-understanding of where and what we are driving towards is for many, a new discussion. From my visit to Singapore in November this year, I learned that this Country has less than 3.5 million in the entire workforce, yet is a global power in driving economic outputs. Compare this entire workforce to the number of workers retiring in the US this year of 3.5 million people. An interesting thought of the talent drain in the US. Also, this new 3rd decade will be the first time the Millennials and Informational Generation (Gen Z) will comprise more than 50% of our work force. While there will be less diversity in age groupings, there continues to be an increase in diversity on all other fronts. Challenges on leaders and politicians are more fierce than in the past. All requires a higher level of intelligent, intellectual discussions with a reality that is anything but productive especially from the news media.

But with all that has and will change, at the foundation is what we value. People taking care of people. Paying it forward is one of the best phrases to emerge. It not only embodies the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year spirit of Hope, but encompasses a daily reaching out to all. At the core of a flourishing society, and an environment that many would choose to live in, we must create one that can provide food, health, safety and education with viable work opportunities to create a world we are proud of. Each of us and each generation may have slightly different paths to this goal. Most importantly we each must make a contribution to help pay it forward.

With these thoughts, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from David, Melanie, Scott and the entire team of support staff and consultants from Miles LeHane. Looking forward to 2020 a new decade of inspirational opportunities.



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Dr. David C. Miles, Chairman                                                 Melanie A. Miles, CEO                                             Scott D. Miles, Managing Partner