Fall 2019 Newsletter Vol. 22, No. 2

Transformation:  A Two Edged Sword

Much has been written about Change and how it is being driven by the “new generation” in the workforce. Many additional articles have been written about disrupters in how we work and in entire industries as they adapt to “new” ways of doing things in our everyday lives. While these forces have been happening over the last 10-15 years at a rapid rate, we have reached a stage where not only has the Transformation changed what we do, it has gone further than what many thought it might impact our “ideal work” environment. In fact those who helped engineer these changes are finding that the work environment they hoped for has come and gone! This is then leaving them to navigate in a world of work they never anticipated or thought would impact them. It is almost as they thought the change would slowdown or even stop at a different point than it is currently going. The dual edge sword!

Double edged sword

What we are seeing are the two Groups (Generation X and Millennials) are themselves becoming the victims of change. These groups in their late 30’s and early 40’s and the some Gen X in their mid 50’s are facing career disruption and dissatisfaction at an unprecedented rate. Both generations came to the world of work with very clear, but different, concepts of work life, work life balance, work life integration and roles they were seeking for a sustainable career. Couple that with the new knowledge requirements needed and the globalization of products and services, they are finding themselves unable or not wanting to join this very new and different work market space.

It would be incorrect to just simply state they each have reached the traditional mid-life work crisis or the last employment opportunity before reaching retirement. Instead they are even more confused as to next direction as they attempt to find employers who do not value what they create and bring to the table, when just 5 years or so ago, they felt that the future was excellent as long as the economy kept growing. Unfortunately this is not the case. It has moved beyond them.

At our career coaching sessions we are dealing with many accomplished individuals who are seeing a career reality they were not anticipating. While there are many unfilled quality positions these candidates are unable to land a position that meets their criteria. Even if they locate such an opportunity, they do not “speak” the language of the employer and miss out on landing the position.

One key factor is these candidates do not understand their “Contributive Value” and what value the employer is seeking to obtain by hiring them. Simply matching your personal genius to what the employer needs to operate their business successfully is not enough! For many this is very difficult to move from “what I want” to “what the employer is willing to pay for.” This is the number one blockage along with not having a realistic understanding of the business segment. You can not focus on your value to an employer if you are not aware of what drives the employer business model.

Career transition coaching is as important today as it has been over the last 40 years as we have transitioned from lifetime employment to employment at will. Navigating in industries that are undergoing rapid fundamental transformation is also most impossible at the leadership level unless you are immersed in the day to day changes that are happening and adjust your value given to the business to stay equal to or ahead of tomorrow’s demands. That is the dual edge sword of rapid transformation. Not everyone can keep up without concerted efforts and support.

Reinventing and Reinvesting: The Keys to Continual Growth

Today it’s not uncommon to find yourself needing to learn a new aspect of your job that wasn’t even in existence when you were in school. With technology advancing at such a fast pace, subjects like outbound marketing are becoming less traditional while social media and video marketing are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. 

I recently found myself in this exact situation as our team at Miles LeHane is beginning to create a video marketing strategy. Video is here and it’s everywhere. I found myself scouring various blogs, YouTube videos, and resources in order to “master” the art of video marketing. While I was making great progress, I also felt overwhelmed and wanting to learn personally from experts.

Thankfully the amazing team at Alimond Studios is up for the task of teaching business owners and marketing teams the art of video and storytelling. Over Labor Day weekend, Aliyah and her talented team graciously hosted a small group of 7 for a two-day video boot camp where we learned everything from content goals, video batching, filming tips and tricks, how to set up and maximize a YouTube channel, to editing video, and growing your social media. We packed a ton in to this two-day workshop and it was more than worth it! I went into the workshop a bit nervous and self-conscious and left reinvigorated and excited to add these new skills to my toolbox.

Continuous education and constantly reinventing and reinvesting in yourself are essential to stay versatile in today’s ever-changing world of work. You alone are the driving force in your life and in your career.  Only you can ensure that you are and remain employable talent.


Written on September 4, 2019 by Laura Gable. Laura Gable is the Digital Marketing and Social Media Director and LinkedIn profile developer at Miles LeHane Companies

Final Thought:

The biggest communication problem is: we listen to reply, we do not listen to understand. 

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