Evolution to Transformation

Part 2: Professional Journey

July 2022 Update

Thanks to the many of you who have reached out in response to our initial (part 1) Evolution to Transformation-Our personal Journey. This, in our final communications from Miles LeHane Companies, Incorporated, will share with you “The Rest of the Story.” While this segment comes to closure, I can assure you that both of us are and will remain active professionally and through volunteerism. It has been an awesome journey that each of you in your own way have been part of. For that we are ever grateful.

Back in 1992 we created the Miles LeHane Companies, Inc. after David retired from Marriott International. Completing his Doctorate degree at George Washington University and both kids reaching college age, it was time to strike out on our own as entrepreneurs. We acquired Lou LeHane’s Consulting firm, along with the Historical Mansion (Harrison Hall/Glenfiddich House) and the antiques. Note this was not Melanie’s concept of finding a new career opportunity for David! Sometimes you must let the journey bring you in a different direction. Lou was one of the four founders of the industry of corporate sponsored outplacement/career transition consulting. Over the years we added additional services in such areas as: pioneering Executive Coaching, Managed Search, Training and Development, HR Consulting and a host of HR tools such as profiles. At one time we had 5 offices in the DMV. It was and has been a great 30+ year journey!

As we focused on our Personal Evolution to Transformation it became important to map our future from a professional perspective. As of June 30, 2022, our corporation will become inactive. But that does not mean we are totally exiting. With this plan in mind over the last years, our son Scott Miles has been operating his own HR company. Miles LeHane, LLC a Maryland company from Mt. Airy, MD. We have worked side by side for the last 15 plus years building on each other’s knowledge and abilities. Starting July 1, 2022, I will be, along with Melanie doing limited work through his company. He and our full consulting team will seamlessly be integrated. Please do not think we are retired. This combining of our talents and business will allow Melanie and David to enjoy more freedom from what has been a rewarding and exciting 56-year career of Hospitality and Consulting serving others.


To reach Scott’s Company you can still use 703-777-3370 or email him at Scott@mileslehane.com or feedback@mileslehane.com. Our web address is still www.mileslehane.com.


To reach either of us, David: 703-609-1288 or dmiles@mileslehane.com. Melanie: 703-728-6706 or mmiles@mileslehane.com.   Laura Gable will still be supporting us along with Scott.


Thanks again for your support and trusting us along the way. We are grateful to all of you!