Evolution to Transformation

Personal Journey 

June 2022 Update

New Year’s 2020, it appeared that this new decade and new year would be similar to the prior year for Melanie and myself. It was the year slated to be one of evolutionary change in our personal life and looking forward to slowly shifting gears. The reality was that we all would be facing the COVID crisis and many other accelerated challenges that came with it. The year became more of taking charge of change and the speed of change that was required, given the crisis we all faced. What a year it turned out to be, and now at the other end, it is a transformation with many ramifications that were not predictable. Overall, the outcomes are good, the ride of a lifetime that exceeded the thrills and terrors of the original Disney “E” ticket ride expectations.

While many of you faced similar transformations ours unfolded over a 20-month period, bringing us to June 2022. Time to reflect and share with each of you. Because of your friendship, support and genuine concern for both of us, we wanted to bring you up to date as we end the first half of the year.

Back in 2015 our client participants started to become less inclined to avail themselves of our “In-Residence” service offerings but really valued the immersion Consulting/Coaching model of the In-Residence approach. We launched our “Concierge Model” by meeting in hotels around the globe, in a concentrated one on one multi day sessions. In 2020 Covid shutdown, it became evident that the “In-Residence” model was no longer viable to maintain. The entire campus was positioned actively on the real estate market and competitively priced. It sold in July 2020 with a personal residential lease back for our personal residence until mid 2022. Our new home address is below, please update your address records. We also evolved to a virtual support approach and adapted and upgraded our technology. Along with these changes we have completed the relocation into our new home/office.

To be practical about all (Melanie much more so than myself) through much discussion, we opted to think smaller and efficiently. We literally went from 3 buildings on the Glenfiddich Campus to 1. From 17,000 square feet under roof, to 1,700 square feet. In perspective from 12 bathrooms to 2; from 18 fireplaces to none; 6 garages to 1 double garage and 1 plus acres of landscaping to 1/5 acre. Life is different but we are enjoying all with the ability to travel more and less efforts. The “stuff” is gone! Our health is in a good space and our approach to the future is very positive.

Thank you all for your support and interest over the years. We enjoy interacting and still working and traveling and yes, David is supporting Northern Arizona University, School of Hospitality as an Executive in Residence on a limited basis. Please reach out to us both professionally for Consultative Services and personally. Looking forward to the future and creating a new normal. Creating our personal destiny around our motto of “Inspirational Transformation.”

~ Dr. David C. and Melanie A. Miles


Our new postal address:

Dr. David and Melanie Miles
Magnolia Springs
98 Saber Drive
Charles Town, WV 25414


Contact Information:

David cell: 703-609-1288                  dmiles@mileslehane.com

Melanie cell:703-728-6707               mmiles@mileslehane.com