Copenhagen - OI Global Partner Meeting

May, 2017 

Each year, OIGP (OI Global Partners) convenes a meeting for all partners to attend with a focus on Career Management trends by continent and country.  This year’s event was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Our goal is to share perspectives of business environment as it pertains to careers and career management issues that each of the firms are involved in.  In attendance were member firms from over 20 countries and 5 continents.  Truly a global representation.Travel to the meeting was as one would expect.  No difficulty with flying, but one observable issue: Denmark has no immigration system when entering or leaving the country.  While changing planes in Amsterdam, I was required to clear immigration for there, but not in Denmark.  Given today’s issues on terrorism and refugees, I found this surprising and unusual.  This fact alone says a lot about the government and the people.  I leave the thought process up to you to think of the implications and impact on daily life.  Would be curious to hear your perspective on this, so please feel free to email me at  By the way, downtown historic Copenhagen is well worth a visit allowing time to explore the old and the new.

The conference was interesting in that many of the issues we are experiencing in the US appear to be more universal on a global basis.  While the only major difference appears to be focused on economic cycles within various global areas.  This of course was to be expected.  Some countries with political unrest and others with certain industries suffering because of the global shifts in business and economic stability.  These cycles do and will vary by country and industry.  In general the overall current state of economic affairs is on the positive side for continued growth, though on a slow trajectory.There were three key messages that emerged from the participant firms as well as our guest speaker:

1= A Global Economy— Business organizations are competing more and more on a global basis.  While this is a reality, it creates new challenges with leadership and leadership abilities.  Many of the issues focus on an understanding of how to best expand from domestic to multi country to truly International and then to global.  While mega corporations still struggle with these issues as we see in the US, it is becoming more frequent for mid-size firms to expand and yet not have the depth that mega firms possess. 

2= Engagement and Teams— This is a universal global issue.  As we have now emerged from the global economic crisis we have not returned to a balance of loyalty.  Once assumed that people would be engaged due to fear of unemployment, many have become more self-reliant and do not look to their current employer with any level of long term commitment.  The consensus was that both sides see it as more transactional.  There are both positive and negatives to this relationship arrangement; especially given the variances in legal requirements for organizations to restructure to meet current business demands.

3= Work force and Leadership-Competencies and Critical Thinking— Being educated and being able to contribute to a company are two different issues.  The gap between bringing educated talent into the company and then having them contribute to outcomes is a growing concern.  For many of us in the US we blamed this on the “Millennial factor”.  Turns out it crosses multiple age groups and is focusing talent and career management efforts around the globe.  These demands of competencies and critical thinking are expanding to professional areas that were at one time considered ‘technical trainable skills’ as products and services become more and more complex and critical.  Organizations are looking externally to help redefine the abilities of todays and tomorrow’s workforce and leaders.

In summary it was a busy 3 day meeting.  Challenges exist as they have in the past, but are now on a global stage and are almost universal.  As more and more “disruptive” models are created to help solve many business issues, new critical areas emerge.  All of this in a world we have added the issues of terrorism and political unrest to the problems that we continue to hope to solve.  Opportunities for all!


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