College Graduates and Today's Job Market

TUESDAY, JUNE 19 – Today's front page article in USA Today focuses on the dilemma of college graduates not finding employment. My opinion is that one of the key reasons for this problem is the way most graduates approach business organizations. You can blame some on the economy and others on a host of other reasons, but the bulk of the reason comes back to the individual. After all, they are some of the best educated, smart individuals, but they cannot focus on one key question: "How will you make a contribution to the goals and business strategy of our company?" Instead for many, they are asking the opposite question – "What will the company do for me if I decide to work for you?" The USA article is an outcome of a long period of cultural shift in attitudes toward employers. The results of this "clash" of perspective is evident by the numbers presented in the USA Today story. Overall, we need a reasonable balance.

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