Three Paradigms of Professional Leaders

The role of Professional Leaders is shifting as dramatically as the world of business. Change is typically not recognized until you are in the middle of it and find that what you did yesterday is not producing the results one hoped for today. With this in mind, there are three paradigm areas to focus on: 1 = You Centric; 2 = Organization Centric; and 3 = Stakeholder Centric.

There is no question that we are always striving to bring a balance to these three areas. Many times what would best serve the needs of one area may be in conflict with the others. Equilibrium or balance of all interests, can and never will be final or obtainable as the many variables are always in motion and exerting pressures to implement further change. As the Leader, it is your role to anticipate, recognize and be prepared to help maintain or bring the organization back into balance.

Let's examine what are some of the competing value areas that impact this balance and your Leadership.

You Centric = Are you "cause-conscious focused" versus "solution-focused"? Are you Holistic in your thinking to implement change without negative unintended consequences? Do you use data and metrics versus opinion and reactionary processes to justify change?

Organization Centric = Are you skilled and disciplined in establishing and maintaining priorities that are well thought out and vetted? Do you constantly involve others both directly and indirectly in communicating issues? Do the efforts of the organization stay focused on the mission and vision even when there are pressures to deviate?

Stakeholder Centric = Exemplary professionals never lose sight that reality checks of all parties is an ongoing process. Testing assumptions and interpretations is an ongoing process built into Leadership. Do you give credit and praised to all stakeholders? Thanking customers and praising positive outcomes from all is part of performance leadership. Today, more than ever, a Leader must balance between hard and soft accomplishments contributing to success of all stakeholders.

Are you an Outstanding Performance Leader? Many depend on you for this!

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