A Mid-Year Thank You

From the team at Miles LeHane

The new decade has certainly brought challenges, opportunities, successes, and setbacks that were not being anticipated at the calendar change a few months back.  The most important criteria are that we all are moving forward and are present with our health and able to lead through these unexpected circumstances.  We are thankful also to have been associated with each of you and trust that our team added value to you and your endeavors.  While the second half of the year is still taking shape, I trust we are all embracing an agile approach to the unanswerable question, “Do You Know Next”?

The personal toll each of us have endured over the last months will be stories that we will be telling our colleagues, family, friends, children, and grandchildren.  Everyone’s stories are and will be both emotional and/or concrete in nature.  The fears, losses, and disruption of personal balance will never be forgotten.  For many the realization of personal and or financial vulnerability was heightened and, in some cases, very factual.  We are at a loss for benchmarks and examples in real time, only finding similar events in history.  Our hope is that we all dig deep, find peace and resilience, and continue the personal and professional journey forward.  One big lesson that we all must focus on is to exercise more common sense on interacting with others especially if we are not feeling well.  It would be wise advice to stay home and have the proverbial bowl of chicken soup and seek medical advice than going out and potentially infecting others. 

Re-entering the world as the restrictions are being lifted over the next several months and forward will be different.  I seriously believe the “New Normal” will only partially resemble what reality was in January 2020.  My first words of advice are for each of us to think how we can be “Indispensable During and After a Crisis”.  Korn Ferry published a blog that listed the following reminders which I personally believe is worth integrating into our daily approaches to family, work, and others.  1= Be a Calm, Empathetic colleague. This will help set a climate that will reduce anxieties and fears. 2= Do what you say you will do.  But do not over promise.  People are looking for leaders they can trust and believe in, and what is in their power. 3= Be an excellent Communicator.  You cannot over communicate but you can easily not be a good active listener.  When you are hearing messages that may not appear to make sense to you, it is usually a sign that there are underlying concerns not being talked about. 4= Be agile.  You may be dealing with many unexpected responses and concerns that cannot be dismissed without losing good people. 5=Keep managing in a 360 mode.  Everyone will be less comfortable with dealing with unknowns and be looking for information.  Collectively these 5 traits will help us all to reintegrate into the new day to day balance of work-family-personal life routines.

Have a great journey and trust that we may have the opportunity to be a part of yours!



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