At Miles LeHane, we listen to you to learn about your search needs. We add value to your search by exploring your definition of “what success would look like” when we identify your ideal candidate.

We take the time to learn about your organization and culture. This assists in locating the right person with the right skills. Our goal, and yours, is a three-point landing:

  • the right person – the right experiences – the right cultural fit

Service Offerings:

Miles LeHane offers multiple support options to your organization in a cost effective approach that is tailored to meet your specific search needs. We have our full service traditional Retained Search offerings along with segmented search support when a full open search is not required. In addition we have pre-search services to assist you and the organization in truly defining a focused set of criteria that are not only objective in nature, but address the subjective qualities that are equally important to selecting the best fit candidate for your position. We offer search selection committee coaching as well as how to structure a search to meet organizational needs and requirements. Along with these services, once the final candidate accepts the new position, we offer assimilation coaching to help enhance the very crucial first 90 to 120 days of new employment. Collectively these traditional and enhanced services help insure the three point landing of right person, right experiences and right culture fit, resulting in success.

The Process – Search

Miles LeHane draws on many sources and connections, locally, nationally, and internationally to research qualified candidates. Once target candidates are identified, they are screened against the definition of “what success would look like” and then approached to gauge interest. The interview process begins, along with resume and reference checks. We provide a synopsis of our findings, along with salary history. Miles LeHane will participate in the final evaluation of candidates, should you so desire.

Once a final candidate is selected, Miles LeHane will provide a further in-depth report of references and salary comparisons. We can also act as a third-party negotiator during the offer/acceptance discussions.