Future of Work: OIGP Global Research Study 2017

OI Global Partners recently conducted a survey of talent managers across the globe and received responses from over 500 client organizations in North America, Europe and Australia. The goals of the survey were to identify the following:

  1. the skills employees must have to be competitive today;
  2. the most significant people challenges currently facing organizations;
  3. the most effective ways to develop talent; and
  4. the roles most at risk.

The survey results are a composite of our clients’ firsthand knowledge and insights. They are facing many significant challenges and risks; yet, they are implementing solutions that are effective in managing a changing work landscape. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with them in developing and implementing these solutions.

If you’re facing any of the issues identified in this survey, please contact us. We would love to learn more about the issues you’re experiencing.


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